From sponsoring local initiatives to building schools and providing quality education, we believe that giving back is one of the most meaningful ways to help create a better future.







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A Foundation to Build On

Thind was founded on the desire to create a better future. Today, that dream has come true for thousands of homeowners. After two decades of building homes, we believe that there’s more than one way to build a community. By sponsoring local children’s clubs and homeless outreach programs, building schools, and giving over a thousand students the opportunity of education, giving back is one of the most meaningful ways we help build communities around the world.

Education is one of the foundations of Thind’s philanthropy. Daljit Thind is a chairman of Canadian Point Grey School, the first British Columbia offshore school in Punjab India that gives opportunities for students to continue their post-secondary education in Canada.

“It gives me great pleasure to welcome you to Canadian Point Grey School. We have worked very hard to bring together the top academic professionals to create a world-class curriculum to give our youth a head-start and a strong foundation to build on. This school and what it represents is very close to my heart as I immigrated to Canada with very little except for the education and work ethic my parents had provided me. My hope is that this school will also provide the opportunities I have found in Canada.”

— Daljit Thind, Chairman

Canadian Point Grey School


Giving Back

Along with a focus on education, Thind is also actively involved in supporting a wide variety of local charitable initiatives by providing funding, resources, and support.

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A Catalyst for Change

Part of Daljit’s legacy of giving is being a catalyst for change in his own industry. Working with provincial and local governmental leaders as well as non-profit organizations, Daljit was instrumental in helping families in Burnaby in need of safe and affordable housing.

“Thind Properties recognized the crisis in affordable housing in the Metrotown area, and took the initiative to develop a model where a team consisting of private developers, the city, the Province (BC Housing) and a selected non-profit could mitigate the pain caused to people by ‘demovictions.’ This is in keeping with my pledge to always leave a neighbourhood a better place to live when we finish a project.”

— Daljit Thind


Reinventing the Meaning of Success

From an industry leading real estate developer, to entrepreneur and philanthropist, Daljit Thind continues to reinvent the meaning of success. By focusing on the future and giving back to communities, Thind is creating a brighter future for everyone.